The 1st Semester features: 

  • Intro into Vedic Astrology
  • Houses (Bhavas)
  • House to House (Bhavat Bhavam)
  • Planets (Grahas)
  • Signs (Rashi)
  • Aspects (Drishti)
  • Yogas
  • Nakshatras (all 27)

2nd Semester

  • Planetary Cycles and Retrograde planets and stations
  • Transits (Gochara)
  • Dashas (Maha dasha Bhukti, Antara dashas)
  • Divisional Charts (Vargas)
  • Special Rules in Vedic astrology
  • Eclipses and Rahu and Ketu
  • Dispositors
  • Kala Sarpa Yoga

3rd Semester

  • Kala Sarpa Yoga, Christina Onassis and Athina Roussel
  • Transits (Gochara) house to house, Princess Caroline
  • How to Predict Marriage and Children
  • How to find Money in a Chart
  • Rise and Fall in life and lottery winners
  • How to predict Career
  • Chart Interpretation
  • Life of Brothers, Ernest and Julio Gallo


4th Semester

  • Spirituality
  • World prediction Guidelines
  • World Predictions 2017
  • Earthquakes/ Airline Crashes
  • Assassinations/World War
  • Global Disease
  • Economy and Stock Market
  • Vedic Yearly Chart

5th Semester

  • Varshaphal Chart (yearly solar return chart)
  • Ashatakvarga
  • Remedial Measures, omens, gems, yantras, mantras
  • Chart rectification
  • Electional Charts (Muhurta) marriage, surgery, business/ Horary Charts (question) Prashna
  • Relationship compatibility (Synastry)
  • Jaimini, karakas and rashi aspects/ KP system using nakshatra dispositors
  • Panchanga, Tithi, Nakshatra, Karana. Yoga, Vaar, Shad Bala and Tara Bala

6th Semester

  • 1: Predict Marriage: You are given a chart to predict marriage. Explain the indicators and the timing of marriage.
  • 2: Heath and Disease: Health potential and diseases they are prone to.
  • 3: Wealth and Money: When will money come? Will it come through their own efforts, marriage or inheritance?
  • 4: Career: What career is indicated and timing for an opportunity or job.
  • 5: Remedial Measures: What would you prescribe? Gemstones, Mantras, psychological guidance
  • 6: Muhurta: Starting a business and choosing a date for Marriage. You are to choose the date to start your own astrological business.
  • 7: How to set up your Astrological Business How to promote yourself, writing, books, etc.
  • 8: Final exam: You will do a full reading. Your tutor and Joni will give guidance and information.