University of Vedic Astrology Sixth Semester

6th Semester of The University of Vedic Astrology

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6th Semester

  • 1: Predict Marriage: You are given a chart to predict marriage. Explain the indicators and the timing of marriage.
  • 2: Heath and Disease: Health potential and diseases they are prone to.
  • 3: Predictions
  • 4: Career: What career is indicated and timing for an opportunity or job.
  • 5: Remedial Measures: What would you prescribe? Gemstones, Mantras, psychological guidance
  • 6: Muhurta: Starting a business and choosing a date for Marriage. You are to choose the date to start your own astrological business.
  • 7: How to set up your Astrological Business How to promote yourself, writing, books, etc.
  • 8: Final exam: You will do a full reading. Your tutor and Joni will give guidance and information.