Joni Patry is inviting you to her new Certification Program to help you learn Vedic astrology:
The University of Vedic Astrology.

If you want to learn Vedic astrology this is the answer.

What will you learn and how is this course different from other courses?

Joni has been a practicing astrology for over 30 years. She began with Western astrology in the 70s and found Vedic in the 90s. She takes the best from both systems.

She makes astrology practical applying it to life experiences and world predictions. You will learn the deeper aspects that are applicable to your life as well as learning to be a professional astrologer.

In today’s fast-paced world students only have bits and pieces of information but now you can learn and become an expert on how to use astrology.

Most of all what makes Joni’s course different is you will have hands on experience. Once you progress to the advanced level you will be analyzing and processing charts of real clients. The only way to really learn astrology is by doing it.

How are the courses delivered? And how many semesters are there?

There are 6 semesters. And the basic course is delivered online. With each semester, you will be able to watch Joni’s learning videos. They are thorough and in depth videos covering the most important aspects Joni uses in her practice.

Each video is about an hour to an hour and a half.

After watching the videos you will be able to ask questions with tutors. There will be online tests to make sure you retained the information.

The course uses Joni’s original book as the workbook:
Eastern Astrology for Western Minds.

There will be online live meetings with Joni to go over each class video.
(2nd  Wednesday of each month, 19:00 Dallas time) And Joni will add one more meeting as her schedule permits each month to accommodate students from other timezones like Turkey, India, Singapore etc.

And you will be connected to other students in the online campus to share information.

1st semester curriculum

Intro into Vedic Astrology
Houses (Bhavas)
House to House (Bhavat Bhavam)
Planets (Grahas)
Signs (Rashi)
Aspects (Drishti)
Nakshatras (all 27)

2nd semester (Prediction)

Retrograde planets and stations
Important Rules in Vedic astrology
Transits (Gochara)
Rahu and Ketu in Prediction
Dashas (How to Predict) 2-3 parts Maha dasha Bhukti, Antara dashas, nakshatras
Divisional Charts (Vargas) Kennedy’s and Chris Evert

3rd semester (Applying principals)

Rahu/Ketu in charts and Kala Sarpa Yoga, Christina Onassis and Athina Roussel
Using Transits (Gochara) house to house in transit, Princess Caroline and Grace Kelly
Marakas in prediction, John Kennedy Jr and Coner Clapton
Upachaya Houses and Free Will, Lance Armstrong
Dispositors, a Systematic Approach, Dale Earnhardt
Life of Brothers, Ernest and Julio Gallo
Oprah Winfrey’s life analyzed
Rise and Fall of Power and wealth in a chart, President George W. Bush and Michael Milken

4th semester

Varshaphal Chart (yearly solar return chart)
Remedial Measures, omens, gems, yantras, mantras
Chart rectification
Electional Charts (Muhurta) marriage, surgery, business
Horary Charts (question) Prashna
Panchanga, Tithi, Nakshatra, Karana. Yoga, Vaar, Shad Bala
Relationship compatibility (Synastry)
Intro into Jaimini, karakas and rashi aspects
Intro into KP system (Krishnamurti) of astrology using nakshatra dispositors

5th Semester

World prediction
Planetary Cycles, outer planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter cycles Rahu and Ketu and eclipses
War and Destruction
Global Disease
Airline Crashes
Prediction with the world economy
Pisces New Moon Chart, and Charts of Countries
Stock market prediction
Sports prediction

6th Semester

Actual reading of charts for clients.
Students may read each other as well as actual clients.
You will be trained and guided using all the information from course and more!


How much is the cost? Can it be paid for each semester or total?

The cost for each semester is $997.

You can purchase one semester or you can pay in full and get an additional 16% discount.

1st semester $997
1st semester (Videos Only) $797
2nd semester $997
3rd semester $997
4th semester $997
5th semester $997
6th semester $997

for all semesters and get 10% discount

$5982 full price


You are going to be learning from one the most reputable and well-known Vedic astrologers in the world.

Joni will share all her experiential knowledge. This is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this virtual International University and learn the secrets that Joni holds in Vedic astrology.

Space is limited, as you will be assigned a tutor as well as having the opportunity to directly communicating with Joni, so don’t hesitate to be a part of this amazing new opportunity.

The course dates for the 2016-2017 educational period:
(Each semester has 8 weeks. 1 lesson for each week. After each semester, there will be one exam week and also 1 week break.)

If you join after the program actually started on Feb. 9th, your lessons will follow your own start date with one lesson each week. And you can join the online meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. ( A second meeting will also be announced as Joni’s schedule permits to accommodate the students living in other times zones.)

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